Nameless & Invisible Cutz ep

by Keith Marquis

Signs 02:02
Silhouette 05:58


Did you ever hear of the cut-ups technique?
"The cut-ups technique is a process whereby text is physically cut up, separated out, and then rearranged in order to create new text."
The cut-ups technique dates back to at least the 1920's. A few have used it as a creative tool, and it is said to have been "popularized" by the cult writer William Burroughs back in the 1950's.

The tune "Nameless & Invisible" was originally recorded in 2001. Rather than reissue the original recording, an attempt was made to apply the cut-ups technique to it. The results are the various 'N & I' cutz contained on this ep.



released June 21, 2018

Keith Marquis - Music, Field Recordings and Mixes.

Recorded at the Skellington Factory and at the Woof Den.

Mastered by Steve Turnidge at Ars Divina.

Design by Nefer.

These tracks have been made available at this website for listening purposes ONLY. NOT for duplication. NOT for sale.


all rights reserved



Keith Marquis

🌀 Once upon a time Keith Marquis entered this world with a great Love for Sound and the Will to help free its enslaved Humanity. As time passed He listened, played, studied, and He became a Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer.

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