Traps & Manipulation

from Treasures by Keith Marquis



The "entertainment industry" has always fed on innocent young people, and has unfortunately destroyed many in the process. Their goals, if you can call it that, are nefarious.
Be strong. Use your Senses in order to understand who these people are. Once you have, don't give them your time, attention, money, or your spiritual energy.
Chances are your favorite "entertainer/hero" is part of their dark cult.
It would be wise to renounce all who are a part of it.

K. Marquis - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Samples, and Programming.

Recorded, Mixed and Digitally Edited by Keith Marquis.


from Treasures, released March 20, 2019
For listening purposes ONLY. Not for duplication. Not for sale.


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Keith Marquis

🌀 Once upon a time Keith Marquis entered this world with a great Love for Sound and the Will to help free its enslaved Humanity. As time passed, He listened, played, studied, and He became a Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer.

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