The Buttness Is Beatdown

from Treasures by Keith Marquis



A Hero’s Journey requires a Heroic Dose — of Courage — in order to not get beaten down by the Buttness (aka the Business) of slavery.
“They” figured out that slavery is the most profitable Buttness of all. And that’s all that you are to “Them”.
So, while you’re on your Journey, make it your business to avoid the pitfalls, lest you be living a Beatdown existence forever.

K. Marquis - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Samples, and Programming.

M. Skerritt - Organ Intro.

Recorded, Mixed and Digitally Edited by Keith Marquis.


from Treasures, released March 20, 2019
For listening purposes ONLY. Not for duplication. Not for sale.


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Keith Marquis

🌀 Once upon a time Keith Marquis entered this world with a great Love for Sound and the Will to help free its enslaved Humanity. As time passed He listened, played, studied, and he became a Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer.

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