Suburban Requiem

from Treasures by Keith Marquis



"You as you know yourself are NOT the final term of Your Being..."

K. Marquis - Guitars, Arranged Piano, Percussion, Sampler, eBow, Looping, Software Programming.

J. Campbell - Words of Wisdom & Bliss.

D. Maclise - Chaotic Piano.

Written, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Keith Marquis in 1994.
It was made with a 1/4" multi-track tape recorder, synced to tape via SMPTE timecode to a desktop computer, and mixed down to a DAT recorder.


from Treasures, released March 20, 2019
For listening purposes ONLY. Not for duplication. NOT for sale.


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Keith Marquis

🌀 Once upon a time Keith Marquis entered this world with a great Love for Sound and the Will to help free its enslaved Humanity. As time passed He listened, played, studied, and he became a Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer.

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